sexta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2018

The Imitation of Life?

 ...or how to get a zero!

Photo by Adventiciis

So, we all know life imitates art and sometimes art do imitate life. I call this the Imitation of Life! 

Have you wondered or woken up one day to find yourself in the middle of your life? Like a movie opening and the world is already established, characters already exist and all. Their plot is already written out and no matter how - no, scratch that. They can pull a Truman Show and quit their story lines. 

What about us? We can't remember how our movie began, but the world was already plotted out. Populated by extras, supporting characters and us, the main character. 
We follow our story, but is it set in stone? This script - this badly non-edited script. We can try to ad lib it, we can try to pull a Truman, but in the end... in the end we must follow it through. 

There is one aspect that I wished life would imitate art: sound track. 
Like that first kiss, first time making love, first time getting into a fight, the death of a loved one, that inspirational fuck yeah riffs of a guitar, or the complex staccato of the rain while we reflect on our stupid mistakes. 
Yeah, mistakes. We have only one shot at this little thing called life. No cuts and another take. One shot. One opportunity. Think about this for a second, will you? When you paint, the first one is always the original, the one-million-dollar Louvre painting. The other are replicas. 
In a way, art only gets one shot at being art. The other are fakes. We aren't even allowed to have fakes! Or do we? 

What if anytime we take a left turn, there's a copy of us - in an alternate universe that goes right. A deleted scene kind of way. But we'll never see it. 
Although, if you pay close attention to the little voice inside your head, the Director/Conscience, sometimes it tells you: dude, go left, go left. That Jiminy Cricket inside of you. 
And sometimes you do see the scene like you played it out before. The failed negative of your past takes. Yeah, yeah, it could be a deja vu as well. it shouldn't happen! Why did it happen? Your guess is as good as mine. So, pardon my rambling. Where am I getting to? Precisely. You can't even remember the beginning of this monologue! But to sum it up: art; life; it's all the same. No imitation here. One is a face of the same coin. Which means, you are a piece of art. And you are beautiful. And unique.